Yolanda Steyn (Complementary Health Therapist) and Marlise Esterhuizen (Psychologist) talk about the benefits of the Equine Depression Program. 

For more information:  info@oppistal.co.za

You are not alone!

Do you feel?

Depressed                                  Lonely                                                     Overlooked

Frustrated                                   No one understands you                       Of no value

Missing the mark                        No hope                                                 In a black hole

No direction                               Robbed of yourself                                 Lost yourself

Stopped dreaming                     No colour in your picture                       No melody in your song

Dr Franklin once said: "Under life's most trying pressures, it is the obligation of every man and woman to decide what to do with his or her life - mentally and physically.   No exception."

I read in Ted Engstrom's book:  "When we choose not to act, our inaction takes on a life of its own and inflicts punishment on us."  Repeatedly in the Bible God chose ordinary people like Moses and made them extraordinary.  We want you to become extraordinary by utilizing our Equine Programs.   Don't procrastinate - enrol yourself today!


Phone Yolanda - 082 829 9003 or Marlise - 071 372 3221 to book your seat. 


We want you to feel:


Loved                                          Motivated                                                  Happy

Sense of security                         Positive                                                     Like a gift from God

That you a writing a new story    Valuable                                                    In control

Living your potential                   That you have a new mindset                  Changed behaviours    

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