At Oppistal we consider each client as a family member who deserves nothing but the best service.


Horse Riding Lessons

At Oppistal we offer group and private lessons.  You can choose half-hour or one-hour lessons.  We also offer walk-outs for non-clients.


Whether you want to ride for fun or to compete, our qualified, fun and friendly instructors are waiting to hear from you.

1 Hour Private Lessons: R 1 470.00 p/m (excl vat)

Half Hour Lessons: R892.50 p/m (excl vat)

Hour Lessons: R1050.00 p/m (excl vat)

Outrides: R320.00 p/p (excl vat)

Once Off Lesson: R250.00 p/p (excl vat)


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Horse Training

Yolanda Steyn specialises in starting young horses, observing horse behaviour and horse rehabilitation. From basic training to dealing with a difficult horse, we can help. To book a consultation, please click the BOOK NOW button.

R3 000.00 p/m (excl vat)

TTouch Sessions

Yolanda Steyn is a qualified TTouch practitioner offering her skills to further communication between humans and horses. TTouch is a gentle method of bodywork and movement exercises. It positively influences behaviour, performance and well-being.

R500 per session + travelling (excl vat)


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At Oppistal we take a holistic approach ensuring the utmost well-being of your horse. Stables are set in a tranquil country setting managed by qualified and trusted staff. Click the BOOK NOW button to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

From R4042 p/m (excl vat)

Groom Training

Should you want to improve your grooming skills or send your own personal groom for training, we have various packages available for your consideration. We address the following in our various modules:

- Stable Cleaning

- Halter Work

- Tack Care

- Horse Health

- Show Prep

- Lunging

- Ground Work and much more.

R300.00 per day (excl vat)


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Equine Behaviour Consultation

Yolanda Steyn is a qualified equine and complementary therapist. She uses in-depth consultation, animal husbandry skills and knowledge of the environmental factors to help promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between animal and carer. If you are battling with a difficult horse or you just want to understand your equine partner better, then this consultation is for you.

R500 per session + travelling (excl)


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Individual Equine Facilitated Sessions for Children and Adults

Do you need to make a change in your life? Are you struggling with relationships, unconducive work environments, depression, fear, anger, forgiveness, etc? To find balance in your life, use the BOOK NOW button to book your consultation now.  Children under 16 will walk on the horses, whilst adults will have a session in the stable.

R500 per session (excl)- conducted at Oppistal.

Equine Dementia Therapy for mature people

This therapy is specifically designed to delay the progress of Dementia by encouraging people to be more active in a natural surrounding using unique equine sessions to obtain certain outcomes.  Also includes a forgiveness program.  

This is an eight-week program consisting of one session per week. Sessions are conducted in a group at Oppistal.

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