Therapeutic riding lessons for special needs children and adults


There is documented proof regarding the huge benefits of horse riding therapy for children and adults. When a child is on a horse the movement of the horse is forward, left and right simultaneously.  The rider’s vestibular system receives constant feedback and allows pro-perception to take place. This has huge benefits for the child’s muscle development.

Horse riding also promotes fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills development. Our Equine partners are specialists in their Field to balance riders physically, mentally and emotionally. The horses receive lots of training to ensure they are safe for the children to ride on as well as the people handling them.

We believe that only certain horses can play this healing role. Our current clientele consists of the following: Autism, SID (Severe Intellect Disability), children with problems owing to being born premature, Speech Problems, Epileptic, Physical Disabilities E.g. Cerebral Palsy and Low Muscle Tone. Some of the children are wheelchair-bound and they Find their freedom on the back of a horse. We always work in a safe, fun and friendly environment with the children. They are never pressured or forced into anything. We take it according to the children’s own pace.

During the first session, we introduce the child to the horse. Sometimes this is very scary for the child as the horse is an intimidating figure. The children soon get comfortable with the horses and start to groom them and can’t wait to get on. We see improvement on a weekly basis and the feedback received from the teachers and parents is always positive.


We structure the activities around the children’s needs. Although the lessons and activities are structured in an educational manner, children enjoy their lessons and are having fun.

We currently have private clientele as well as schools and children from previously disadvantaged communities. We currently offer financially burdened clients these sessions at a discounted price which puts a huge financial strain on us. However, we are not ready to give up on our dream to make a difference in their lives.

If you can donate to our cause to help those who can’t afford therapeutic riding lessons, please click on the donate button.